Dotting I’s and crossing T’s

BY LIZ CROSS Imagine walking eight hours to register your child’s birth. You arrive at the government centre and it’s crowded with people. They are all waiting to do the same as you – there’s only one registration centre to serve 200,000 people. The queue is long. You hear stories of how the internet connection […]

Staying safe when disaster strikes

BY ANDREW DUBOCK More than 3,000 children and 200 families in the Philippines’ province of Eastern Samar are now better prepared for the next natural disaster to hit the country, thanks to recent training provided by Viva and our partner network, PCMN. Around 20 typhoons affect the Philippines each year and, following the devastation of […]

Supporting care-leavers in Honduras

BY ANNA COX At Viva, we believe that every child should grow up with a loving, caring and supportive family, yet sadly this is too often not the case. Adoption provides the opportunity for children who – through death, addiction, emotional, psychological or economic reasons – do not have a family that can care for […]