Putting children first in Tanzania

Like the majority of young people in the Tanzanian city of Mwanza, Daniel used to face a future of no hope of education or employment. Continue reading

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Advocating for better birth registration in Uganda

More than 230 million children under five worldwide have not been registered at birth. Viva is giving children an identity through its I Exist programme in Guatemala, and now our partner network in Uganda is proactively seeking ways to meet the needs of children who haven’t been registered. Continue reading

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Oxford Doorsteps: a vision for working together for children

More than 70 people gathered for the inaugural Doorsteps Conference in Oxford last Saturday (27 September) and signalled a clear desire to work more effectively together to improve the lives of vulnerable local children and their families. Continue reading

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Kate brings ‘Bounce’ to life

When asked to design a look for Viva’s forthcoming children’s fundraising event focused on trampolining, illustrator Kate Alizadeh jumped at the chance. She explains her inspiration for her ‘Bounce for life’ graphics. Continue reading

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Early Encounter: a growing reputation for keeping children off the streets

Local government officials in Cochabamba, Bolivia have boldly stated that there are no new street children in their city – thanks in part to the influence of Viva’s Early Encounter programme, which is successfully changing attitudes and practices affecting street children. Continue reading

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Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

Are you long or short-sighted? For me the time has come, all too soon, to visit the opticians, my minor short-sightedness worsening over the last couple of years. Continue reading

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