Rebuilding together in Nepal

In the last month, Viva’s partner network CarNet Nepal has provided relief to more than 2,100 households in remote villages in Nuwakot district following two recent large earthquakes that have devastated large parts of Asia’s poorest country. Continue reading

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Doorsteps launch: “Turn your churches inside out”

Viva launched its Doorsteps report on Wednesday (13 May), with a clear message about the positive role that churches have to play in the cross-sector response to vulnerable children, young people and families in local communities across Oxfordshire. Continue reading

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Community life-savers

Simple but so effective: Dr Rachael Burke explains the inspiration behind our child and maternal health programme in Uganda, which is saving lives every year. Continue reading

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Stemming an epidemic of violence

Fear of violence, abuse and exploitation looms large in the lives of millions of children, particularly the poor and marginalised. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Andrew Dubock explains how Viva’s partner networks are changing adult’s attitudes and helping transform communities into safer places for the next generation. Continue reading

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Opinion: Once upon a time

Once upon a time… It’s not just a phrase that introduces a story. It’s an invitation. It’s an open door that says, ‘Come on in. Something strange or exciting or funny or surprising (or maybe all of those things!) is about to happen in here. And we want you to join us.’ Continue reading

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“95 per cent of homes in the village are damaged”

Jessica Lea/DFIDFollowing the earthquake, two members of our CarNet Nepal team have succeeded in reaching Nuwakot district to assess the damage in two villages in which we have worked for five years. Continue reading

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